Bulkhead timber composite wood panel

Cabin bulkheads and interiors are crafted from marine grade Airex closed cell polymer foamcore sandwich faced with solid timber. The weight savings for luxurious interiors is significant, thus contributing to the overall performance of the yacht.

This technique lends interiors that have good fire performance (self-extinguishing for the foam core) thus adding to the safety at sea. They will not degrade in time, do not squeak when sailing, and are extremely durable, thus preserving the owner's investment.

All frames and entourages are made of solid timber to receive the marine quality hinges and fixtures.


Composite construction

We make our own tooling and molds for our composite parts. All superstructures are molded vacuum-bagged sandwich of marine grade closed cell polymer foam of type Airex (contains no CFCs), vynilester resin and multi-axial fiberglass fabric.

Further reinforcements of fiberglass and timber are positioned in high stress areas associated with deck hardware.   The hull and roof/cockpit superstructure are bonded using a specially developed polymer adhesive and then bolted together.

The gel coat lends the highest final finish.

Marine composite construction 

Marine composite construction Composite marine construction