Bulkhead timber composite wood panel


Water rooms are build with molded composite  pieces  that are waterproof, resistant to humidity, washable, and virtually maintenance free. Bottom teak "caillebotis" and massive wood entourages creates a warm and durable interior finish.

Sail yacht interior joinery

All closets and  cabinets are vented with handcrafted joinery work.

Interior wood work and joinery

Very high quality interior wood work and fine hand crafted joinery is a specialty of Futuna Yachts. Futuna Yachts. Vents for all closets and cabinets are assembled with high quality joinery, rather than just routed out.

Wood vents joinery 

Wood vents joinery Wood vents joinery

Panels and doors are made of sandwich of massive wood with marine grade closed cell polymer foam of type Airex (contains no CFCs) with good fire performance (self-extinguishing),  which yield stiff, strong and durable interiors that are extremely light. All entourages and frames are made of massive wood joinery. We use highest quality Airex marine foam core either linear or cross-linked according to application requirement.

Wood sandwich construction 

Wood sandwich construction Wood sandwich construction