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eXplorer 54 deck and hull plans


Explorer 54 aluminum centerboarder sail yacht - deck plans Bernard Nivelt Sail plan expedition aluminum yacht

Deck plan is customizable - standard deck plan includes two large primary 68ST winches and two secondary 46ST on the coamings in the cockpit near the helm station. At the mast base, there are 2 additional 46ST on each side and one 40ST on the aft side of the mast for reefing. Running rigging is composed as follows:

At the mast base:

Mainsail halyard with 2:1 purchase - jammer
Topping lift – cleat
Genoa halyard – halyard slider
Reefing lines (3) and outhaul line

Cockpit port side (ST46):

Mainsail sheet port
Staysail halyard (spinnaker pole topping lift)
Center board down line (option or spare)
Center board up line (option or spare)
Staysail furler line (option)

Cockpit starboard side (ST46):

Mainsail sheet starboard
Self tacking staysail sheet
Boom kicker
Spinnaker pole kicker (spinnaker guy)
Genoa furler

Aft winches (ST68)

Mainsail sheets (2)
Gennaker sheets (2) (spinnaker sheets or guys)