Construction of an Explorer 54 – Aluminum hull welding work

We first get all the parts CNC cut with the accompanying certificates for the aluminum. The nuance for the frames and plating is 5083 H111. Our welders have enormous experience and skill, coming from the aerospace industry and they could weld this hull from a sketch on a napkin. But they don’t mind having the 380 some parts already cut so they do fun stuff of welding the pieces and giving birth to the vessel. The hull starts upside down, and it takes them about two months to get ready to turn it over.

The various chain plates for the Explorer 54 are extremely strong.

We start building the deck on a steel frame. Deck plating is 4mm. Our tolerances are at a maximum of 3mm/m without accumulation.

Then the frames are put in place. Frames spacing 800mm in front, 900mm in mid-section, and 950/1000mm aft. Frames are 5, 6, and 8mm thick (at the mast).

Then comes the plating. The bustle is 10mm, the bottom 8mm, and the top sides 6mm forward and 5mm aft.

The bottom central beam (“carlingue”) and start of engine girder.

The center keel box and mast post.

The plating of the hull is almost completed.

The hull is now ready to be turned over.

The center board structure is reinforced (8mm frame). It is NACA profile for best performance and lift upwind. It will be ballasted with lead at about 860kg.